Actor Headshots

My Headshot Philosophy

A great headshot, like any great portrait, isn’t possible without the photographer and the sitter both being present. I don’t just mean physically present; that’s obvious. I mean that for us to get the best images, you’ve got to be as invested in the shoot as I am.

My process is all about collaboration. That’s why I show you the images as I shoot them! We’ll review images together in the studio so that we can pick the ones that will get you the most work. Then we’ll home in on what made those images great and make even better ones. No photos will leave the studio that we don’t both approve of, so you can be confident that you’re only getting the best of the best of what we’ve done together.

I recognise that being in front of the camera is a vulnerable experience. That’s why I’m always open, friendly and approachable, and why I’ll work with you, coaching you rather than instructing you or posing you. Ultimately, a headshot exists to get you noticed by casting directors, so we’ll work specifically towards that goal. The end product is images that don’t just look good, but actually have the power to stop a casting director in their tracks.

I’ll generally shoot a handful of looks with you during our session. That means that you’ve got several looks to choose from when picking your final prints.

Pricing — 2 Hour Headshot Session

Great for experienced actors and beginners alike. Get your professional headshots for a great price.

We’ll shoot amazing headshots with a relaxed, fun shoot and an unlimited number of wardrobe changes and on assorted backgrounds. If the weather’s nice we can even shoot outdoors!

Includes three fully retouched images.

£200 £150 Inc. VAT until the end of March 2017