Why you should hire me to shoot your promo images

I’ve said before that I loathe self-promotion. But if I can’t articulate to you why you should hire me, then how can I expect you to come to that conclusion for yourself?

I’ve got a long way to go as a photographer, a lot I want to shoot. But I am good at what I do. I want to photograph you. Your band, your image, who you are as an artist. I want to find whatever it is inside you and make an image that screams it to the world. 1/125th of a second. That’s all it takes.  A fraction of a second and yet it can be an image that people will remember. The one they see on the posters, in the papers, on the web.

A great set of press kit images isn’t everything to a musician. It’s not even the first thing, of course — that’s the music. But the images can make a difference. I can make a difference for you.

Let’s make something memorable together.

And because it’s easier to let the images speak for themselves, I can do this:

Partisan - Ainsdale Beach-6

And this

Jess Kemp-12

And this…

Amy McPherson

And this

Gus Harrower-11

And this


And this.

Raphaella - Test shoot December 2015-5