Announcing Nothing to Lose Magazine


Today I’m proud to announce Nothing to LoseA journal of art, music, literature, creativity and dreams (formerly project HEADLESS). This is a project that’s been rattling around in my head for a long time, and along with the help of a few wonderful people who got the idea immediately, it’s finally starting to become reality.

Here’s the blurb from nothingtolosemag.uk:

Nothing to Lose is a quarterly arts journal for creatives of all disciplines and at all stages in their careers. From the 14-year-old just learning to become a songwriter in her bedroom to the band going on tour for the first time, and all points in between.

Each issue we’ll bring you interviews with creatives at the top of their game, sharing their work and their story with the world. We’ll also bring you the newest and brightest creatives, those struggling to get started and those just beginning to find their fans.

This is the magazine that I wish I’d had available when I started out on this journey nearly ten years ago. It will collect together the stories and insights from creatives of all stripes and statures. I honestly believe that we all have a tale that’s worth telling, some viewpoint on the creative life that should be shared with others.

Perhaps in some way I’m looking to find a way to build an artefact to soothe my own neuroses, too. The dark nights, the times when I don’t believe in anything I’m doing, and tell myself that I’m a hack with no future and no talent.

At times like that I turn to my heroes — people like Zack AriasDavid duChemin and Brené Brown — for guidance. Nothing to Lose is, I hope, going to be a place for people like me to find inspiration and hope both from their creative heroes and, more importantly, from people like them.

You can sign up to the mailing list for updates at nothingtolosemag.uk. You can also find Nothing to Lose on Twitter: @ntl_magazine.