Evening, Camera
Chinatown, Manchester
Chinatown, Manchester

This is what I was calling (somewhat unimaginatively, it has to be said), project EVENING. Actually, it’s now called Evening, Camera or evening.camera or evening[dot]camera, depending on my mood at the time.

The blurb goes like this:


And that pretty much explains the project. But in case you want more blurb, it goes like this:

I don’t make as many pictures as I’d like, day-to-day. I used to. I used to do 365-ish projects, close-to-home projects, fixed time-period projects. But I don’t get out and about with a camera as often as I’d like to. This project is about changing that. It’s about getting off my arse and just shooting, wherever and whenever I feel like it.

It’s called evening[dot]camera because I nicked the name from Warren Ellis’s Morning, Computer. It’ll be a hopefully-but-not-guaranteed-to-be daily thing; every evening I’ll post a new picture. The pictures won’t necessarily be taken during the day, week, month or hell even year that they’re posted, but they will be taken specifically for the project, not just pulled from the archives (except for the cover image, which I took a couple of years ago in Soho).

Why put the images up here and not on 500px or whatever? I don’t know to be honest. I like to have control over my stuff. Perhaps I will start putting them up on 500px in chunks, monthly-like. Maybe I’ll even throw together an eBook or PoD book in a year’s time or something. I don’t know.

This is just about shooting, and sharing, and shooting, and learning, and shooting. Nothing more than that.

Posting daily-ish to http://evening.camera, and thence to Twitter (not to IG yet because I can’t automate it as easily).

Turning my mind to autumn and to project HEADLESS, which I’ve had to kick-start (not Kickstart) earlier than I expected for assorted reasons.