Recent work: LiVVO in Manchester


My penultimate gratis portfolio-building shoot was with LiVVo, also known as David Liversidge. A Manchester-based singer-songwriter, LiVVo has recently re-tooled to go from a solo act to a full band, so he needed some fresh press-kit images for promotional use.

We spent most of the shoot around Manchester’s new(ish) art-and-cinema hub HOME, utilising local colour, an empty multi-storey car park and Manchester’s usual lowering clouds.

First things first, though. We started with some portraits against a plain wall. One speedlight, camera left, with a shoot-through umbrella.


I was conscious, for assorted reasons, of cropping things such that the images could be used in a magazine, providing space for text. This kind of shot requires that you shoot a bit more loosely than you ordinarily would, so as to allow the picture editor free reign.


LiVVo had brought with him a blue and red denim jacket. As it happened, there was some blue and red graffiti nearby. Again with a speedlight in a shoot through umbrella, this time flown overhead, we got this:


If you want a skyline shot, find a multi-storey car park. This one looks out over Manchester’s Oxford Road station. I shot these for both colour and black-and-white, including the image at the top of this post, which is probably my favourite from the shoot.


For the final couple of set-ups, we moved down to ground level. We wanted to capture some of the motion in Manchester, so we found spots with good ambient lighting and dragged the shutter, with just a pop of rear-curtain flash to freeze LiVVo in the scene.

Both of these shots are made up of multiple frames, simply because it wasn’t busy enough — being a Monday night — for there to be enough foot or road traffic for our needs!