Recent Work: Partisan

Partisan - Eagle Inn Shoot-8

Sometimes, being a photographer can be really, really hard work. Other times it can still be hard work, but you get reminded just how easy your life really is.

I’d originally reached out to Partisan through Twitter, having heard their work. It turned out to be an opportune moment, as the band were just getting ready to shoot a new video for their single Juggernaut, and wanted to start a marketing and press push at the same time. They needed new images, and I was more than happy to oblige.

On top of that, they were also looking for a filmmaker to shoot the Juggernaut video. I suggested my good friend and sometime collaborator Ben Warburton, and together with the band we came up with the look and feel for the video and the promotional images set to go with it.

Partisan - Eagle Inn Shoot-6

The brief was pretty simple for me — some straightforward group and individual portraits on a plain background (in this case black) and a narrative shot that fits with the theme of the video. The poker table, and the narrative in the video, were a combination of the band’s ideas and mine. Funny how I seem to gravitate towards poker tables in band images. The second of the two narrative images shows a mysterious fourth character, played by Samantha Guess, who features in the video (embedded at the bottom of this post).

Partisan - Eagle Inn Shoot-9

The thing I learned from this shoot was just how easy life is for me as a stills guy. I was rigged, had shot, and had torn down within the space of two hours. Ben (and the band), on the other hand, shot for about 10 hours straight on that day, and even with me assisting him as much as I could, had to deal with a huge workload.

You can be a one-man-band as a stills photographer, but it’s much harder to do that when shooting video. Hats off to Ben for all his hard work!

You can watch the full video for Juggernaut on YouTube: