Recent work: Gus Harrower Promo Shoot

Gus Harrower-6

Gus Harrower is a singer-songwriter from Edinburgh, Scotland. On a recent visit to the city I was able to take the time to shoot a quick promo set with him.

The shoot was notable for the fact that I shot the whole thing on Fuji cameras — an XT-1 with my X100T for the flash shots (because its leaf shutter allows me to sync with the flash at 1/1000s and so kill the ambient completely, even on a sunny day). I was putting the XT-1 through its paces because I was considering using the Fuji X system as a back to replace my ageing Nikon D700. On the evidence of this shoot, though, I decided not to. The XT-1 is a great camera, but it feels alien to me. My Nikons feel like an extension of my brain, and I don’t need to think before I shoot to get the images I want. Some of this can be put down to the XT-1 being a new camera, but I shoot with the X100T all the time and love it to death.

Maybe the X-Pro2 would fit my needs better; once rental shops start getting a hold of it I’ll rent one and see how it feels. For now, I’m still a Nikon guy for a lot of client work (when I’m not rocking the RZ67-ProII, that is).

Gus is a charming bloke, full of smiles and laughter. It was great to shoot with him, and I’ll look forward to seeing his career grow.

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