Is this thing on again?

Power line

It seems like it’s been forever since I created a static mirror of grahambinns.com, redirected DNS, and started poking around with WordPress. Actually, it’s only been a couple of weeks, but since no-one seems to have noticed I’ll not worry about it too much.

It was high time for a re-skin of the site, and for various parts of it to get updated with new media. It’s still a bit rough in some places (the about page is vastly outdated for a start, and I need a new headshot, but the cobbler’s children never have new shoes). There are very likely some bugs in the new setup, too. I know of at least one: try as I might, I cannot get the headers to be consistent across the site (the header on the blog index page just won’t do what I want; it’s deeply annoying). Performance may be a bit ropey for a while; I’ve moved the site to a new server and haven’t yet decided how best to tune it up.

Regardless, a new skin is a good start, and it looks pretty, so there’s that. Still running on WordPress — I didn’t have time to investigate alternatives and for now I’m happy self-hosting. Maybe that’ll change before all that long (but probably not).

So, welcome! And do let me know if there are any issues.