… And the living is easy
Guy Garvey of Elbow at Kendal Calling 2015
Guy Garvey of Elbow at Kendal Calling 2015

Summer 2015 has been a weird time. In any other year, summer would be the time I’d do the most work. Fine weather and long days make for an ideal season to work out on location and shoot challenging ideas. I had great plans for my Celtic Gods project; plans that required summertime. They didn’t come to pass, and I’m sad about that.

Instead I’ve found myself in limbo. Summer, which once felt like the longest season, felt this year like it lasted but an eyeblink. In June — or was it July? I forget — I shot the first block of subject|object portraits. The first weekend of August I shot for Gigwise at Kendal Calling. All great, but in the intervening time between Kendal Calling and now I’ve made nothing. That rankles.

Winter’s just over the horizon. It’s a season that I usually find hard work to get through. It’s beautiful, of course, once it gets crisp and cold. But it’s hard to want to go out and shoot in the freezing weather; harder still to ask other people to join you at it.

I need to make plans for the long winter (I feel in my bones that it will be long). I need to make sure I stay energised and challenged, and I need make images even when I don’t feel I have the energy. In short, I need to build myself some discipline.

Consider this post proof of life, with more, one hopes, to come.