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Katy Pickles, Arnside Knott
Katy Pickles, Arnside Knott

I’ve blogged about his image before, I think, but since I still love it I’m sure no-one will mind if I blog about it again.

Sometimes when you’re shooting you have a specific idea for a look – be it lighting, pose or general feel — and if you know what you’re doing you’ll get it. In this image, I was looking for what people seem to like to call a “painterly” feel (or, if you’re David Hobby, the “painters are lying cheating liars” feel). I call it Leibowitzian, but that’s mostly because that makes it sound grandiose and also because it annoys people.

Roughly translated, I wanted obviously directional light, but with gentle fall-off and shadows that weren’t too pronounced. The only light I had available was a Bowens Gemini 400 through a 4′ octa. Flown just in front of Katy this actually lit both sides of her face, but with enough fall off to be nicely directional.

The rest of the scene was courtesy of Lancashire’s natural beauty. Say what you like about it, it’s a county that gives you stuff to work with in spades.

Here’s another image from the same set:

Katy Pickles, Arnside Knott