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Rachel by Lynn Docherty
Rachel by Lynn Docherty

Continuing Lynn Docherty week here on the blog…

I love working with Lynn. She’s a brilliant artist and a lovely person to be around. Shooting with her is always fun and relaxed — even when we’re doing mad things — and she never seems to lose her energy.

So when one or the other of us suggested another beauty shoot, this time in a proper studio rather than my living room, it seemed like a fab idea from the beginning.

Once again I was using a traditional beauty light here – an on-axis beauty dish. For this look we took away the reflector under Rachel’s chin, because we wanted the contrast and the deep shadows. The rest is all Lynn and Rachel. I think one of the joys of beauty work is that once you’ve got everything dialled in and the model has found their groove it really all flows very quickly. Mostly the work is about having the confidence to know you’ve got each look in the can before moving on to the next one.