From the archive: Beauty in the living room
Cipriana by Lynn Docherty
Cipriano by Lynn Docherty

Sometimes you don’t have a studio available. Sometimes you’re working for the first time with an amazing makeup artist and a brilliant model, but you’re just trying things out and you don’t know what will stick. Sometimes you just need a space to work.

Your living room will do just fine. As mine did for me, here.

As I recall it was Lynn who had put out a casting call for a photographer, and I’d responded. She’d already found our model, Cipriana, and was ready to shoot, so all I needed was a space. Luckily, I had a living room that, once you moved the furniture around a bit, would do nicely.

Although the room wasn’t exactly tall — the 8′ ceiling posed some problems — it was enough to fit a backdrop and a traditional clamshell beauty setup — beauty dish on axis at a 45 degree angle above the model; gold reflector at a 45 degree angle below her.

The rest was all Lynn and Cipriana. Once the picture was set up I was largely just waiting for the next beautiful image and then clicking the shutter. Some days it works well like that.