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Erin Ochoa, Austin TX
Erin Ochoa, Austin TX

Austin is one of my favourite cities. Just the right size for walking and yet full of interesting people and stuff. Also, great BBQ, which is never a bad thing.

There are also a large number of models in Austin who are willing to work with itinerant photographers who are in town for a week doing other things and are desperate to shoot because not shooting rots the brain and turns you into just another camera owner (or something like that. Actually, that sentence is utter rot, but we’ll cover that another time).

So it was with Erin, with whom I shot in early 2013. This particular frame was made not far from the UT campus, where we found a dilapidated house on the corner of a parking lot. The textures and the faded lime-green paint just lent themselves to hard light. As we were about to walk away and find our next location, Erin spotted this door. And as I tried to work out the framing and where I could place the one light that I had available to me, the sun showed up and demonstrated how to use a distant hard light source to great effect.

I particularly love the sky reflections in her shades.