From the archive: Fun and frustration
Angela Dalton; ,makeup by Donna Graham
Angela Dalton; ,makeup by Donna Graham

I’m sharing pictures from my archives. Partly this is to keep the blog ticking over, but mostly it’s because I’ve realised that I have a tonne of images that I want to share with the world.

This was shot during a beauty shoot with Donna Graham, some time in 2012 (if memory serves correctly). I remember that it was a fun shoot — there were two models: Angela, pictured here, and Paige, and both were full of life and conversation — but that the post-production was intensely frustrating.

I remember quite clearly that I wasn’t able to get one of the images quite the way Donna and I wanted it to be. I’d shot it too well-exposed, I think, and couldn’t make it look as moody as I’d wanted. I may go back and try to resuscitate it.

Nevertheless there were some good images shot that day. This was one of them. Angela has just the right combination of attitude and presence to make an otherwise simple portrait work.