From the archive: A spangly wall, hard light, soft chaser
Rachel Hadley, shot at Lancaster University's Pendle College Bar, December 2011
Rachel Hadley, shot at Lancaster University’s Pendle College Bar, December 2011

I’ve trying to keep posting pictures from my archives. Partly this is to keep the blog ticking over, but mostly it’s because I’ve realised that I have a tonne of images that I want to share with the world.

I’ve photographed Rachel three times times. The first was when she was part of the LU Fashion Society and I, just starting out as a photographer did a fairly appalling (on my part) shoot with them. The second was when I was looking for models to test with and she responded, and the third was when said fashion society asked me to shoot a group of them again and I pulled off something far better.

This shot has a kind of editorial feel to me. Not really fashion — I didn’t really know what fashion shots really looked like back then — but I love the lines, and the frame-within-a-frame. Most of all, I love the light and the way it brings out the textures in the wall and in Rachel’s dress.

If I remember a right, the light was a gridded beauty dish aimed at Rachel and a soft chaser light – probably a 4′ octabox behind the beauty dish. That’s what gives you the specular reflections on the wall to the camera left of Rachel, whilst the highlights on the wall to the right of her, and in a halo around her, come from the beauty dish light.