From the archive: Zach Hing

Zach Hing-2

I’m going to start posting some pictures from my archives. Partly this is to keep the blog ticking over, but mostly its because I’ve realised that I have a tonne of images out there that I never really shared with the world, and I want to do so.

Zach and I found each other through a Craigslist ad I’d put up whilst in the Bay Area* on business. Something like “Travelling photographer for hire. Reasonable rates.” I’d hoped to find a musician or band that needed some promotional images. And lo, Zach was it.

I was based in downtown Oakland on that trip, so that’s where we worked. This frame was shot against some kind of rolling shutter door near the waterfront. I love the texture of the metal and the contrast of the light. My one regret is not shooting some images of Zach that were closer to full-length portraits, but you live and learn.

*It’s wonderful to me that “Bay Area” is used to describe the home range of the residents of both San Francisco and Morecambe. One of these places is not like the other.