All under one roof
On the street, Soho, London, September 2013
On the street, Soho, London, September 2013

Greetings from the Northern Damplands (still working on that codename thing; Manchester isn’t exactly in the wetlands, but it’s sure as hell not dry, either).

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about where I am on the internet. Generally my web profile is scattered about the place in odds and ends; fragmentary glimpses of me on some platforms, full-on mirrors of my life on others.

Which social media platforms are relevant to me anymore? Facebook is dead to me, has been for years, and I don’t miss it. Google+ is likely moribund at best; the only thing that influences its longevity is whether or not they keep the thing on life support for a while. Twitter is mostly read-only for me but is still decent for broadcasting. Tumblr has become read-only too. I still occasionally re-blog stuff; even more occasionally I add things to my favourites in the belief that I’ll one day curate them and turn them into a sort of pin-board of inspiration for myself.

But I keep coming back to this: that this website is mine. I host it, maintain it, pay for the VM it runs on (and which I really should replace with something a bit more modern), keep WordPress locked down tight enough to mean that I don’t get viagra spam all over the show anymore. This is where I should be putting stuff, no? Shouldn’t this be the source from which I feed the other avatars I have out there in the digital world? Or is blogging so long-dead that really it’s just a case of me blowing air into this thing’s lungs until I completely forget about it?