From the Archives: Francis
Francis Lacoste, Copenhagen, 2012
Francis Lacoste, Copenhagen, 2012

I’m going to start posting some pictures from my archives. Partly this is to keep the blog ticking over, but mostly its because I’ve realised that I have a tonne of images out there that I never really shared with the world, and I want to do so.

Shot this towards the back end of 2012 in Copenhagen, where I was for a (then) work conference. Francis was my boss at the time, and had just finished writing an ebook in French on using sign language to communicate with your baby. He asked me to shoot the photos used to illustrate the book.

At the end of the session I decided I wanted to grab time with him to shoot a quick portrait. I love an image with strong contrasts, and this one – with a small umbrella right up next to his face – was exactly what I was after. I told him to look as serious as he could… I’m amazed we got this, though, because we were cracking up the whole time.

The thing I love the most about this shot is the lighting. I absolutely nailed this one, and that catchlight in his right (camera left) eye still makes me smile. Sometimes it’s the little technical things. For a while I wished I’d had a second light to add some separation, but now I look at it I enjoy the way he blends into the background. It lends him some mystery.