Coming out of Hibernation


Quite possible that I’m now even hairer than this, which is about three months old.

Hello. I’m Graham Binns. I’m a photographer (vocationally), a writer (occasionally), a poet (daily, er, -ly), a geek (unfailingly), a musician (privately). I have been hibernating these last few months, and am only now starting to wake up. I am part bear.

Some of the above isn’t wholly true.

Where I am on the Internet, February 2015 Edition

  • grahambinns.com. If you’re not reading this there, go there for other things I’ve written and pictures I’ve made. I blog less than I should, and certainly less often than I would like. The design is a bit tired; I’ll try to revamp it before, say, February 2016.
  • Tumblr. Used mostly for reblogging other people’s stuff (always with credit, when I can find it) and shameless reblogging of my own stuff too. Occasionally, there are stories.
  • Twitter Mostly read-only now. I find Twitter useful but also an horrendous time-sink. Good for broadcasting and connecting with people, terrible for conversations.
  • hangmanribs.uk. Tech blog. Used rarely, but not dead. Where I talk about non-photographic but techy things, like Open Source Software.
  • 500px. My current favoured photo-sharing site. Far better than Flickr ever was. I use it for my porfolio site, too, though I may change that when I update the design of my site.


On Wednesday, February 25th, I’m going to launch a new photographic art project that’s been brewing for the last couple of weeks, and about which I’m seriously excited. I’ll be announcing it here and through various social media. It’s going to be fun; I hope you’ll join me on the ride.