Recent Work: Celtic Gods: Black Annis — part 2
Black Annis-1 Black Annis-2

Allow me to present the second image of Black Annis! I’ve been super-excited about this image for a while, but the editing has taken me quite a long time, not least because I’ve been fitting it in around just about every other job I have to do. As you can see, Annis hasn’t gotten any prettier since you last saw her crawling over rocks and looking pretty horrific!

I’ll be adding a third chapter to the making-of series that I’ve been writing about Annis. For now, here’s part 1 and part 2 to keep you going.

I’m now in the process of planning my next couple of adventures in the world of the Celtic Gods, and once again I’ve roped in Lynn Docherty to help me realise my neural misfirings. Can’t wait to get shooting.