Abstract: Waves, Scarborough, England

Sometimes, I just want to stop. For the world to pause in its spinning, for me to get a chance to breathe. Always hurrying from place to place, shoot to shoot, image to image. Never stopping to consider what I’m doing or where I’m going. Sometimes it’s all you can do to look down at the ground and see the path in front of your feet. Sometimes you don’t even see that; sometimes you trip over.

Sometimes all you can do is find a place to stand, and feel the world turning under your feet, and remember that this fragile blue speck is hurtling through the void at 70,000mph. It’s no wonder that sometimes it feels like you’re whizzing through your life.

When that feeling strikes, I try to find solitude. Somewhere to stop and breathe. Somewhere that I can dream, or make pictures without any pressure. Rarely do I make portraits when I’m feeling that urge to stop, because portraits need people and I need the alone time more than anything. But sometimes you can find people and photograph them without having to interact with them – being, as Jay Maisel says, out to make pictures, not friends.

On the Phone
On the Phone – Scarborough, England

And then you sleep, and you dream some more. And when you get back up in the morning you’re ready to start again. Because life doesn’t stop.

It’s okay to need a rest sometimes. It’s okay to need peace. I need to remember that from time to time.

Lantern – Scarborough, England
Lantern – Scarborough, England