In which our hero fails to heed his own rules

Rain rain go away

I have a rule for location shoots: If, at 6pm the night before, the weather is forecast to be too bad to shoot, the shoot gets postponed.

It’s a good rule and it’s saved me from no end of bother over the years. And yesterday, for the first time ever, I ignored my own rule and pressed on with a shoot in spite of the forecast for utterly horrible weather.

And because I’d pressed ahead, I ended up dragging several very lovely and dedicated people out of their homes and into the wet misery of North Lancs on a rainy summer day. And as the realisation hit that I had to call it off to safeguard equipment, people and hired props, I felt like a hack, as though I was right back at the beginning, making an unprofessional schoolboy error (which is exactly what I was).

Luckily, sometimes you can go back and fix your mistakes. Friday’s forecast is good, people are available, and so we roll.

But I’ve learned never to ignore my own rules again.