Personal work: San Francisco Fashion
Rachel Zader - San Francisco
]1 Model: Rachel Zader; Styling: Clover Zhang; Makeup: Kathryn Sarabia

I love San Francisco. It’s probably my favourite city in the States (possibly even my favourite city of all, though of course it’s not the greatest city in the world). I was out in California for work at the beginning of May and, having a couple of days to myself, I decided that I should put a personal work shoot together, as well as just wandering around the city with X100 and shooting some visual pushups.

A couple of casting calls on ModelMayhem (still useful, despite its detractors) and I’d put a team together: Stylist Clover Zhang, irrepressible makeup artist Kat Sarabia and model Rachel Zader. I was travelling light and we were shooting on a bright sunny day, so I decided to do the whole thing with natural light, occasionally augmented with a reflector.

For the first look, we started near the ferry building. The idea behind the shoot was to create a tourist story with some vintage looks with neon accents, as chosen by Clover. For this shot I decided to kick just a bit of the strong daylight back into Rachel’s face using a pop-up reflector balanced against a bench (oh for an assistant on this shoot, but I was flying solo).

Look #1Next, we changed up the look with a black dress and a trip on San Francisco’s famous street car F-Line.

 6x4 P-1

We hopped off at Pier 39 and, whilst waiting for Clover and Kat to catch us up, we found a wall that matched Rachel’s eye makeup almost perfectly.Look #2

What does a lady on vacation do on a sunny day? Why, if she’s any sense, she’ll find some nice grass to lie on for a while.

Look #3We wandered up towards Ghirardelli Square, and to the beach north of, well, Beach Street. The addition of a cute hat and some excellent earrings, and Rachel enjoyed the breakers on the shoreline.

Look #4For the final look, I went nerdy with the composition, looking for angles and triangles, mirroring the geometry of the shadows with Rachel’s pose.

Look #5I had a blast shooting in one of my favourite places in the world; I can’t thank Rachel, Kat and Clover enough. I don’t know for sure when I’ll be back, but when  I am I’m certain to shoot there again.