That was the year that was, 2012 edition

Well, folks, that’s another year over with. And let’s face it, from a GrahamBinns.com point of view it was pretty thin on the ground for much in the way of work.

“Why?” you ask. Well, for a number of reasons. A lot of things have happened this year that have made my personal life, and by extension my photographic life, somewhat difficult. I’m still working through some of the aftershocks to varying degrees and it’s taking me a little while to get back on track.

For a while I considered giving all this up (and one day I might talk more about that, but not today). But in the end I realised that being a photographer has become such a huge part of my self-identity that giving it up would be like trying to cut off my own arm – possible, but messy, and with the possibility of fainting.

So I’ll be back in 2013. It might take a little while longer. But it will be worth the wait.