Adventures in moving pictures

You may remember a few posts back (you know, when I was updating regularly…) I talked about working quite a bit with a local band called Scarred I.D (whose guitarist, Ben, is seen above).

A little more recently the band asked for volunteers to help them shoot their first music video. I’ve always fancied doing video work, so I immediately threw my hat into the ring.

There was talk of broadcast-quality cameras and multiple camera operators, but sadly most of that fell through. Instead, we shot the whole thing on two video-capable DSLRs: a Nikon D7000 with a 50mm f/1.8 lens, and a Canon 600D, kindly loaned to us by one of the support acts. I’m not a Canon shooter, but I found that 600D a joy to use (except for the autofocus, which I switched off). I shot the image at the top of this post with that 600D, and it’s one of the best live images I’ve ever made, which is proof, once again, that gear is good but vision is better.

Here’s the full video for the band’s first single from their “Ground Zero” E.P, “Hell No!”:

And, partly because I wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped out, but mostly because I was enjoying playing with Premiere Pro too much to stop, here’s a credits roll for the video:

And yes, I did invent “High Flying Badger” as a name for a production company. Might even have registered highflyingbadger.com for future use, too…