New Year’s Resolutions – #5: Make Some Art

In an attempt to hold myself to my resolutions this year, I’m blogging them. You can read more of my resolutions here.

Make Some Art

I’ve loved shooting pretty much everything I’ve shot this year. I’ve shot fashion, beauty, live music, editorial portraits, weddings, burlesque shows*… I’ve loved all of them.

But I feel like I’ve made very little art. The fashion and beauty work comes closest, but it’s still not what I’m aiming at with this resolution.

I’ve banged on for several years about Drew Gardner‘s work. I’m a big fan of it, there’s no doubt, and in particular I’m a fan of his Epic Fashion shoots – his series “The Forest” is a favourite of mine. That’s the kind of thing I want to shoot. Maybe it’s somewhere on the border between fashion (or editorial portraiture) and fine art; I don’t know. But there’s something about producing an image that’s beautiful for its own sake, rather than making one to showcase a person or a dress or a makeup artist’s talent, that appeals to the creative bits of my brain.

Of course, defining “art” is like nailing pudding to a wall, but you get the idea.

*Well, one. I’ll be shooting another on Friday, though.