In which our hero blows the dust off his blog

Here’s the problem with blogs: they don’t update themselves. There have been many points over the last six months where I could have really done with it updating itself, but it didn’t. The upshot is that I’ve now got to get back into a blogging routine or let the thing die, and I don’t particularly like letting things die.

So consider this a start – albeit not much of one – of a new blogging routine. The aim is to publish something new every Tuesday and Thursday, though I might try for three times a week if I find I have more time than I currently think I do.

Instead of waffling on, I’ll leave you with a few choice images to enjoy – which, if you’re following me on various social media, you’ll have already seen. The top image on this post is of Ben Warburton, guitarist with local band Scarred I.D, whom I shot last week in a makeshift studio that we put together in a primary school classroom. Ben’s a great guy and I foresee great things for both him and other members of the band.

I’ve done quite a few shoots over the last six months that didn’t really fit with the work that I’ve been doing thus far (because when people offer you paid work it’s never a bad idea to at least consider it; at the end of the day it’s allowed me to continue to create images I love). One of the great discoveries I’ve had this year is how much having a good team with you on a shoot can make a difference to the outcome. I’ve particularly enjoyed working with wardrobe stylist Helen Waugh and model Jen Brook, who formed the core of the team for these two shots. I’m hoping to work with them again in the near future, but that’s a story for another post…