Haters gonna hate

Thanks to the wonders of technology I’m writing this about 10,000m above Nevada, en route to London from San Francisco. More about that later, perhaps. Of course, I can’t actually post this from up here, but I like being able to write the draft on my phone nevertheless.

Anyway, I was rather tickled to find, whilst idly browsing on SFO’s wifi, not one but two comments by someone calling themselves – imaginatively – “anon”, both of which took the time to tell me how terrible certain of my photographs are.

I don’t allow anonymous commenting on this blog, and comments like this are why. Whilst I value anonymity on the Internet I think that you should have the courage to put your name to artistic critiques of others’ work. To do otherwise seems cowardly to me.

But it occurs to me that these comments are actually a success of sorts. I’ve annoyed someone enough for them to try to give me bit of a kicking, and that means I must be doing something right at least.

So thanks, anon. I don’t care about you or your opinions but I am pleased to say that you’ve brightened up my day.