Where I am on the Internet – January 2011 edition
Dallas by night, January 2011

Haven’t been around for a while. Again. You might have noticed. I really must make more of an effort to actually finish the blog entries I start rather than just forgetting about them, which I’m wont to do.

Anyway, a quick summary of where you can find me on the web these days, since I don’t have a single unified presence (it’s getting harder and harder to do that, I find).

  • I blog at grahambinns.com/blog – i.e. this one you’re reading now. Semi-regularly updated, must try better on the evidence above.
  • I post random things I’ve found, as well as my own work, on my Tumblr blog, tumblr.grahambinns.com.
  • I occasionally, though less frequently these days, post my work to my Flickr stream.
  • I spout meaningless drivel and artistic angst as @grahambinns on Twitter.

I’m told by people In The Know that I should set up a Facebook page, too, but I haven’t yet got around to that. My personal Facebook profile is reserved (mostly) for people I know in real life.

I’m travelling home from Dallas today, so there won’t be much activity until the jetlag’s passed. After that, though, I’ll do my best to get back to a regular blogging schedule, if I can.