That was the 2010 that was

Once again our pale blue dot has managed to meander around the sun without crashing or imploding or vanishing in a puff of improbability. All of which traditionally means that we’re supposed to be taking stock, making resolutions and then absorbing a large amount of alcohol, but since we’re having a quiet night in round our way I’ll settle for only doing part of the meme.

2010 was a cool year. I’ve done a lot of things this year that I’ve never done, and I hope that next year I can carry on the trend. To that end, I’ve got some wishes for next year. I’ll not call them resolutions, but they go firmly in the things-I’d-like-to-do category.

So, things I’d like to do in 2011:

  • Shoot video: I’m intrigued by the opportunities presented by the modern crop of Hybrid DSLRs and I’d very much like to get my hands on one and try making a short film of some sort.
  • Shoot art nudes: I’ve not yet shot any nudes. Whilst I’m not ever going to be a glamour photographer (it doesn’t interest me) I’d like to try my hand at artistic nudes, just to see if it’s something that I enjoy doing.
  • Shoot more concept-driven work: Thus far my personal work has been of a slightly hodgepodge, get-it-as-you-can nature; it’s been a case of finding a creative team to work with and then just going and shooting and hoping that what comes out is something cool. Whilst that’s worked out quite well for the most part, I want to start doing more conceptual work, partly because it’s more fun and partly because it will mean I have to push myself that much harder to make it work.
  • Work on some personal projects: I’ve already got a couple of personal photographic projects lined up for 2011, of which I’ll blog more anon. The point is, though, that projects give you an aim for each frame you shoot, rather than just looking to make good image (the “just” in that sentence is ironic).
  • Work with other photographers: Once again, I’ve already got a couple of things in the pipeline here. I want to work with other photographers for fun and profit, whether than means second-shooting for them at weddings or acting as assistant on shoots, I’d like to see how other people do it. I can but learn.

Anyway, that’s about it for me. I’ll leave you with a short slideshow of my favourite shots from 2010. See you on the flipside.

Slideshow – Best of 2010 from Graham Binns on Vimeo.