Welcome, welcome

Well hello, weary traveller, welcome back.

If you’re new to the place, you might notice a few changes. New theme, slideshow on the frontpage and, yes, dear reader, I’ve finally migrated back to WordPress after three years of using Frabjous. Why? Well, all sorts of reasons really, but the main one was that I was fed up with having to spend time hacking into Frabjous features that already exist in WordPress.

But there’s more to it than that. It’s time for me to stop being the developer who can hold a camera and start being the photographer who happens to be a software developer, too. Migrating to WordPress, which gives me so many more options for customisation and expansion, is the perfect watershed for beginning again.

Of course, all the blog archives will remain available; they’re a large chunk of my online life, so I’m not getting rid of it any time soon. There are still a few things that I need to add to the site, and I’ll announce those as they go up. In the mean time, please let me know if you spot anything that’s gone a bit hinky, please let me know.

Update, 00:42, August 26th:

So, after some teething trouble, I think we’re getting going now. I’ve done some really heavy caching and pushed the static content to Amazon’s CloudFront service to get the site going at a decent speed (massive kudos to the creators of W3TC, here). Hopefully it shouldn’t be like browsing a website whose pages are being delivered by carrier pigeon.

Unfortunately, the site is rendering very oddly in IE8. I can’t figure it out right now – I’m open to help on this front. I’ll try and do some more digging on that point tomorrow.