KYH: On the road, part 1

It’s 06:23 as I write this. I’m on a train that’s just left Warrington and is now accelerating on it’s way to London Euston. The sun is still just low enough for the light on the fields to be golden rather than white and just high enough to be exactly in my eye-line. I have had less than four hours of sleep. Your author, therefore, is not quite with it yet.

But I’m not on the road for work, for a change. Well, I sort of am – on Wednesday I’ll be doing some user interface testing from the Canonical offices in Millbank Tower – but for the first four of the next five days I’m all about the photography. This is, for me, a long weekend in which to be nothing but creative, and to relax and enjoy it while I do. I’ve got four shoots scheduled – one engagement shoot, two portrait shoots and one which I’m calling in my head a romance shoot – and I’ll have at least one full day to indulge in some street photography.

So, in the spirit of KYH, I’m starting a series of posts about it. Photos and text and larnin’ and things to come.

And now, I’m going to sign off, because the act of using my laptop on the train, even with the very reasonable wifi, is making me feel seasick. I’ll write again from somewhere that doesn’t rock from side to side.