And stretch

This evening, after wandering about in Morecambe, watching the solstice sun set (as I’d watched it rise this morning; strange how I’m still not tired), I decided to start a new project over on my Tumblr blog.

I’m calling it my Visual Pushups project, after a phrase that Jay Maisel used to describe how he goes out and shoots every day. The idea is that it’s a KYH project for me as well as being a creative outlet and a way to make sure that my creative muscles don’t seize up through lack of use. Hopefully it’ll do some good.

Here’s the text of the first entry from the project:

Funny thing, getting back in the creative saddle. I’ve not been out and shot – just shot, with no real aims other than to shoot what I see if I think it’s worth shooting – for over six months; the last time was back when I was doing my 100 day countdown project.

It turns out that being creative is the same as doing any kind of workout. Whether you’re using your brain or your brawn, the first few times you do your workout after a long layoff you’ll find that your muscles are stiff and unresponsive. Afterwards, you’ll be sore. Eventually you’ll get used to it and you’ll be able to push yourself further and harder.

And that’s what I’m doing on this blog; what Jay Maisel calls “visual pushups.” Why? Because if I don’t, I’m going to stagnate, and being creative will get harder and harder. Even if all I’m producing every day is rubbish, my hope is that every day it’ll get a little less bad.

I haven’t decided yet whether it should have its own site yet; if I come to the conclusion it does, I’ll probably use Tumblr for it since it’s nice and lightweight and doesn’t get in my way as much as WordPress or Frabjous.