Sunlight, clouds, skipping, oh my

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or haven’t looked at my blog for the last few days, you’ll know that I shot a sports fashion set on Friday for Jenna Wilson, a stylist who found me through ModelMayhem.

As shoots go it was pretty good. Everyone was quite relaxed, if a bit cold, and Jenna knew exactly what she wanted from the shoot, which left me free to get on with the business of composing the shots properly (though it’s obvious to me that I haven’t done a full shoot for a while because my composition was pretty rusty for the first half of the shoot).

The main problem that I had was the light. Friday in Preston was overcast but still very bright. Okay, it wasn’t bright sun at midday – small mercies and all that – but I spent most of the time bouncing on the ISO button to see if Nikon hadn’t built in some secret way to get to ISO 50. Exposure was a problem, and with only small strobes – and no added batteries to give them a boost – f/11 was a place I could live in only if I didn’t mind tapping my feet for 10 seconds whilst everything recharged. The SB-600 got particularly upset at one point and just stopped dead, though it came back to life after I ignored it for a while; maybe it was in a sulk.

The aim of the shoot was to get some sporty fashion shots; we even mixed in some skipping for good measure. Rachel, our model, was an absolute trooper, and she continued to pose well after most people would have given up and left.

So all in all, good fun. Looking forward to doing it again. Here’s a slideshow for you (yes, it’s flash; sorry).