Bloody Northern weather.

We’d planned the woodland shoot for today; I’ve found a model with whom I want to work, we’ve agreed TFCD terms and outfits and I know what I want to shoot. And then it tips it down. The forecast for this morning was for lots of rain throughout the day, so we called things off and postponed until next weekend. Of course, the weather’s now cleared up a bit, but I’ve no doubt that the location will be a bit on the boggy side, so it’s better to leave things and get something that really rocks next week. Shame though; I’d have liked to have shot in the fog that’s forecast for tomorrow morning. Maybe my Awesome Wife and I will go out and get some shots together; you never know.

I’m on my bike for work again next week, off to Norwich for a Launchpad Bugs team sprint, which Gavin blogged about yesterday. I love Norwich. It’s a very pretty city and it offers a lot of photo opportunities, as I found out a couple of years ago when I was there for another sprint after just having bought my D300.

This time around I’d like to shoot a lot more human beings, in between making Launchpad’s remote bug syncing rock of course, so if you’re in Norwich and you’re up for having your portrait made by a slightly-crazed hairy developer then feel free to give me a shout (blog@grahambinns.com; @grahambinns on Twitter or @gmb on identi.ca).

Hopefully I’ll have some great shots to showcase next weekend, assuming the weather co-operates. Until then, be good.