A thank you

Jono William Aloycius O’Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager and general all-round grand bloke today announced the Ubuntu rebranding. I’ve known about this for a while, because the Canonical brand is being refreshed too and we as a company were shown the new designs and asked for comments a few weeks back. However, this is a chance for me to say thank you to the people who put together the new logos, themes and so on publicly.

Y’see, thank you is something that I don’t think gets said enough in the open source world. Of all the things that annoy me about OSS development, this is one of the ones near the top of the list. Everyone who works on Ubuntu, be they Canonical employees or community contributors, works very, very hard to produce a distro that every Ubuntu member can be proud of. But – and I think this is a basic law of nature – the loudest voices we hear are always the ones who hate it, hate what Ubuntu stands for, hate that it’s not free enough (for them), hate that Mark has a vision and is dedicated to pushing towards realising that vision.

What you don’t see a lot of – or at least don’t see as prominently, because let’s face it it’s easier to jump on the haters bandwagon than it is to stand up to them – is people just saying “thank you” or “thank you for doing an awesome job.”

So, to everyone who was involved in the rebranding work – and that doesn’t just mean Canonical employees; the community have been involved in this too (though I don’t know the details of who exactly):

Thank you

(And let’s be clear, this is in no way intended to diminish all the positive comments that I’ve been seeing. Also, constructive criticisms are a good thing, especially since the new designs are not completely locked down.)