Welcome to my humble abode


If you’ve been here before you’ll have noticed that I’ve changed things a bit; moved the furniture around, repainted the skirting boards, stripped the old wallpaper and removed the artex from the ceiling. Hope you like it.

I’ve gone for a much simpler, more stripped-back look-and-feel this time around. I’m not interested in having a cluttered blog, and I’ve got plans to add some extra things to this site in the not-too-distant future. The idea is to keep a nice clean aesthetic throughout the entire site, which is going to become much more of a showcase for my photography work than anything else.

Yes, I’ll still post about Ubuntu and Launchpad here, but this site is primarily about me the photographer, not me the developer. If I feel that I have a lot to say here about the developer side of my life then I might think about setting up another blog to deal with it.

For those of you who want technical details about what’s changed, well, there’s not all that much. The site uses a lot more of the Frabjous codebase now than it used to – there was a lot of duplication of code in the grahambinns.com tree, so I’ve cleaned that up – and I’ve added a few things to Frabjous whilst I was working on the retheme and upgrade, which is nice and mutally beneficial.

Anyway, I’m aware that there will likely be bugs in the new version of the site that crop up over the next few days, so please do let me know if you come across any.