In which I turn 29

Today is the 29th anniversary of my birth. I can provide Paypal account details if you want to send me money.

Anyway, I appear to have caused some confusion by stating on twitter that I have now started my 30th year, and that my 29th year has ended, so I feel I should explain. Here comes the working:

  1. Birthdays are zero-indexed. On the day of my birth I was 0 years old (please, don’t tell me that I was 9 months old. I can’t be bothered to argue with you).
  2. My first birthday came at the end of my first year of life, from Feb 9th 1981 to Feb 9th 1982. My second came in 1983, after my second year of life, and so on.
  3. Therefore, the year from Feb 9th 2009 to Feb 9th 2010 was the twenty-ninth year of my life.
  4. Therefore I am now 29 years old.
  5. Therefore, my 30th year of life runs from now until 9th Feb 2011.

I hope that’s clarified it for everyone. Yes, this makes sense.