Wailly wailly

Well, it looks like I jumped the gun with my last post. Turns out that the shiny media features that WordPress 2.9 has, and which I got so glum about not having in Frabjous have actually been in Frabjous for about a year. And I wrote them. Yes, I fail.

True, they’re a bit more rudimentary, because Frabjous’s admin interface isn’t nearly as polished as WordPress’s (because it pretty much just uses the Django auto-generated admin interface; something that I keep meaning to get around to fixing). However, for all that, they work, and work pretty well. They’ll do exactly the job I need of them and, with a little bit of tweaking, more besides, which is fantastic for me because I’m no longer having to worry about migrating from Frabjous to WordPress with no obvious migration path in sight.


And now, back to our regular scheduled programming.