Brief request

I’ve got a post that I need to write, but it feels like a post that would write itself if I were halfway through my second large whisky at the time, so I need to either employ the whisky or work out how to get into a similarly verbose frame of mind before I write it.

In the meantime, however (and I’ve already asked this on Twitter, but I’m asking again here for those who don’t read my verbose, sweary, rambling tweets), a request:

I’ve decided that I need to get my head back into the music word a bit. So, recommend me some bands, or solo artists or orchestras flamingos trained to play iphone-app-instruments using only their knees (touchscreen’s a bitch if you’ve a beak). Whatever you want. Any genre, doesn’t matter, I’ll at least give it a look. Bonus points for links to websites or Myspace pages.

You can leave a comment here or get me on twitter (@codedragon) or identica (@gmb) or email them to me at blog AT grahambinns DOT com.


(And yes, this is getting syndicated to Planet Ubuntu UK, because that might expand the pool of people who listen to audio bits).