That there decade thing

Hullo, hullo. Been a wee while since a wrote something here for reasons that will become blindingly obvious very shortly… And I seem to have stirred up some interesting responses to my Mac-lust post (the most interesting of which came from Chris Jones via identica, where he pointed out that *buntu might be a bit of a pain in the arse to get working properly on an MBP).

Anyway, I thought I should probably write something here before the end of the year and the decade to recognise that both the year and the decade are, indeed, ending. So here’s the quick summary:

The year

2009 was a damn fine year. It had its downs as well as its ups, but by and large it was a good one.

Biggest con: The war on photography and related digital economy shenanigans.
Biggest pro: As of 20th December I’m a very happily married man.

The decade

The aughties (I far prefer this to the naughties, by the way) were your average decade, really; they were in turns wonderful and shitty. In 2003 I lost a brother, which is probably the worst bit of the decade for me, personally (he would’ve been 20 last week). On the upside I started using Ubuntu and working for Canonical and discovered photography and… well, all kinds of other good things. Things average out for the good, mostly, I think.

Biggest con: Losing my brother Stephen to pneumonia.
Biggest pro: I entered the decade with an awesome girlfriend who stuck with me through thick and thin and became my Awesome Fianceé and is now my Awesome Wife. And bugger me but I’m so much the better for having her.

So there you go, that’s my quick year-and-decade-in-review. I hope yours were good, or at least good on average, and I hope you have a great 2010 and that the tens (or whatever name we give them) work out well for you.

I’ll raise a glass for all of you at midnight; I’d appreciate it if you did the same for me.