Feeling a little world-weary tonight. An afternoon spent battling with Launchpad’s ec2 test facility and a gym workout that didn’t go as well as planned (I really need a trainer – or at least a workout buddy – to make me do things some times, and I don’t have either) have left me drained and a touch on the grumpy side.

You have been warned.

And again, I’m going through one of those phases where I’m not picking up and working with a camera much. Oh, I’m shooting bits and pieces here and there for the Countdown project, which I’m going to have to turn into videos some time in the new year because right now I just don’t have the time, but I’m not shooting anything serious. It’s all just frivolous shooting. Well, not frivolous but… I guess ‘unimportant’ would be the right word. It’s keeping the muscle memory going – here’s the ISO control, there’s the shutter release, there’s the bracket function, that sort of thing – but it’s not challenging me creatively and it’s making a part of my inner brain itch like nobody’s business.

I’ve got some grand ideas written down, and I keep fleshing them out – more on that as and when I get round to actually carrying them out. That I’ve imposed a photoshoot moratorium on myself until the new year – because trust me, organising a wedding and holding down a programming job are quite enough to be getting on with – doesn’t help matters, but at least I know that when the new year rolls around I’ll be able to start sending out casting calls, talking to potential subjects and organising teams to be able to put these things together.

A part of me worries that the ideas are a little too grand – one of them calls for no less than eight different fashion styles in the same series, and the change in style extends to the location, too – but if I don’t aim high now I’ll never do it later.

On the slightly less complex side of things I’m working on a project that’s not even embryonic yet – I’m still waiting for it to be a Zygote (okay, let’s discard that metaphor before it goes any further, shall we?) – but, should it work out will be extremely simple, at least technically, though I suspect there will be a lot of work to do with regard to getting subjects and other parties involved.

All of which, of course, tells you bugger all about anything. Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to tell you more.