I’ve started playing around with Tumblr (you can find my Tumblelog at tumblr.grahambinns.com for the record).

I’ve no idea what I’m going to use it for; probably one step above twitter but one step below the blog – so, little snippets of stuff – and also as a sort of quasi-del.icio.us in technicolour with movement, etc.

There, that cleared that up for you, didn’t it?

Subscribe to it, don’t subscribe to it, whatever you will. I’m playing with it not because I’ve only just come across it, but because I have an inkling that I can make use of it, if only as a sort of digital notebook. The important stuff will get reblogged here anyway; I’ve written a dirty great hack to get that working (I should have written something cleaner and made it part of Frabjous, but I couldn’t be bothered for the sake of something this small and beta).