In which our hero uses the Big Guns

In the last couple of weeks I’ve learned something I didn’t expect to learn: I love shooting with studio lights. Okay, they’re big and heavy and awkward to hump around when compared to, say, some SB-900s (which, incidentally, I still want, if Santa’s listening).

In the last couple of weeks I’ve had chance to shoot twice with studio lights (and pro models) (slideshow below the fold). Both were under controlled conditions, at shooting sessions run by established pros, but just getting to grips with the ideas behind the lighting was fantastic. I’m seriously considering investing in my own set of studio heads (though I’m still balancing that with the idea of a camera upgrade or the aforementioned SB-900s).

Anyway, here’s the results of those shoots. The lighting setups are mindlessly simple, so I’m not getting ahead of myself here in terms of technique or talent (and I still feel that small flashes are a great way to create inventive lighting setups on location) and I’m under no illusion that I’m suddenly some kind of studio guru. But it’s a start.