Day the second

Aha, so the Starbucks opposite Richmond station does have wi-fi. It's just the one further down the road that is made entirely out of fail.

Stream-of-consciousness tumblogging again this morning as I'm about to head off for day two of Bert's workshop. Today we're going to be shooting in and around Richmond's parks, archways and alleyways, trying to put into practice what we learned yesterday (but possibly without Paris or the horse's head). Later on we might be headed to Canary Wharf, assuming that the bureaucratic gods have been placated.

I'm feeling astoundingly creative at the moment. I wrote a poem and two story outlines on the train back from Waterloo to Richmond last night (so much more comfortable than the tube). I wonder what it is about London that makes my brain work this way.

Anyway, caffeine has been consumed. I'm off to shoot some frames. Might upload some frames tonight (I've been shooting RAW, but I figured that RAW+basic would allow me to show off before doing any editing, which, let's face it, isn't exactly what a netbook screen was designed for).

Okay, so that wasn't as tumblr-ish as I expected. Must do better next time.