Mad ideas

I dented a while back about wanting to try this out some time over the summer. For the link averse, ‘this’ is a video of photographer Clay Enos shooting portraits of random people on the street in front of a piece of white seamless paper.

So, in the spirit of JFDI, I’ve decided to give it a shot. My seamless is on order with Creativity Backgrounds (black rather than white, however) and, once I get back from some well-earned chilling time, I’ll go and try this out in the centre of Lancaster, on a Saturday. I’ve even got a location picked out (I think, anyway). I’m going to take some lighting gear (just one light and a softbox, I think) along as well because the location is not the best lit area of town.

Watch this blog for updates.

One photographer, one camera, one lens, one light, one background. And my aim is to get one hundred portraits, if I can.

Here’s to mad ideas.