Squeeze The LIME

I’ve been getting more and more serious about this photography lark for quite a while now, and one of the sites that I’ve been enjoying most is that of Belgian pro photographer Bert Stephani, particularly his video series Confessions of a Photographer.

Today, Bert and his friend Pieter Van Impe have announced their new project "by photographers, for photographers:" LIME, which stands for Learn, Inspire, Motivate and Experience. The site, www.squeezethelime.com, contains articles (well, just one at the moment), videos and links to photo sets on the LIME project’s Flickr photostream. There’s also details there about upcoming workshops that Pieter and Bert will be running in 2009. Whilst these seem a bit pricey (Bert’s I’ve seen the light all day workshop has a special introductory price of €180 inc VAT, plus whatever the cost of travelling to the venue in Belgium) I’m sure they’re worthwhile; I may even contemplate attending one of them myself.

Aspiring pro photographers (me included) might do well to take a look at LIME; I suspect it’s going to produce some really cool stuff and I’m really looking forward to what comes out of it.