Blue Kingdom

Graham Binns posted a photo:

Blue Kingdom

Three hundred and sixty-odd days of 2008, day 294

1 Kingdom Street, Paddington Central, London.

I had a few minutes to shoot before the start of caffeine. That’s probably why I left my camera in portrait mode (and the wrong ISO, incidentally) rather than in the vivid saturation mode I usually use for buildings. Also, I left the white balance on 2500K, hence the blueness. Nevertheless, I like the result, though the left of frame is cluttered.

I only got to take two photos of this building because a security guard wandered up and told me that the buildings were private property and I couldn’t photograph them, even though I was on public property.

Now, whilst I’m well aware that that’s nonsense, I
decided not to belabour the point (besides, I didn’t have a copy of the UK Photographers’ Rights document with me) and agreed to move on. I asked him if I could take his photos for the 100 strangers project but he said "If they see me having my photo taken, I’m going to have a problem," so, alas, I just moved on.

First time I’ve been stopped for photographing anything in London, maybe because it’s not a touristy bit thereof.