Americans: Don’t Vote

I know I’m not American. I know that America is not my country. I know that, in fact, America had quite a big argument with my country a while back and we split up and did our own things for a while (but we’re friends now, so that’s okay). I know I have no right to tell the people who read this and who are of an American persuasion anything about what to do or not to do in the next few days, particularly when what I’m talking about is something that, really, has nothing to do with me.

Except that it does have something to do with me. It has something to do with all of us. Every last one of us on this tiny little planet, sooner or later, is affected by what America does or does not do. Every. Single. One. It’s just a matter of time. This shit matters.

And I know that the people reading this to whom this actually applies are smart enough for it not to apply anyway. I get that. But I’m saying it anyway.

So seriously, guys, I’m just asking you: Don’t vote. ‘Kay?

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