Arch of stone

Graham Binns posted a photo:

Arch of stone

Three hundred and sixty-odd days of 2008, day 271

One of the arches of the Ribblehead viaduct.

I’ve been trying to find a way to shoot this viaduct for the last few months, but either I’ve been too late in the day (and the sun’s been in the wrong place) or the weather’s spoiled the composition.

Finally, I found an angle that works quite well, even if the sun wasn’t where I wanted. This is taken from under arch number 12, if I remember correctly. It’s a single exposure, but I used the Gimp’s curves tool to darken the sky a bit and add the tint.

I still have one other idea (which has been done many times before, I’m sure) about how to capture the viaduct just so, but it’ll need a winter’s day, probably a foggy one, and an early start.